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by Pedro published Sep 13, 2017 11:42 AM, last modified Jul 28, 2020 12:39 PM


PhotographyNameFunctionAcademic QualificationCurriculumExtensionEmail

Maria Luiza Pereira Alencar Mayer Feitosa

Graduation Prorector

PhD in Legal-Economic Sciences - FDUC - Portugal 7177


PhotographyNomeFunctionAcademic QualificationCurriculumExtensionEmail
Foto de Priscila

Priscila Carvalho de Almeida Rodopiano


Graduated in Letters. 7216

Keivilany Janielle de Lima Coelho


Master in Systems and Computing   (UFRN) 7216
Emerson Lopes Barbosa  Intern/Secretary Undergraduate in Communication in Digital Media
Intern/Archival science Undergraduate in Archival science

Social Service

PhotographyNomeFunctionAcademic QualificationCurriculumExtensionEmail
Iago Henrique Fernandes de Sousa Moura Social Worker Master in Social Work and Social Rights



General Coordination of Monitoring and Evaluation of Graduate Courses and Graduate Studies 

PhotographyNameFunctionAcademic QualificationCurriculumExtensionEmail
Marcia Batista da Fonseca -  CAAPG.jpg Marcia Batista da Fonseca Coordinator PhD of Economics (UFPE)

Foto de Lucas Lucas Stropp Coelho Evaluation of Regulations and Announcements
Graduated in Law



Foto de Marcos

Marcos Aurélio Vieira Diniz

Evaluation of regulations and notices.  Operationalization of SIGAA.

Degree in Analysis and System Development. 
Foto de Abraão

Abraão Felipe Gonçalves de Moura

Evaluation of regulations and notices.  Operationalization of SIGAA.

Graduated in Law

Marcia Cardoso de Souza

Evaluation of regulations and proposal of opening of course. Master  in Linguistics at UFPB
Rubem Alves de Lima

Evaluation of regulations and notices.  Operationalization of SIGAA.

Master student in Public Policy, Management and Evaluation of Higher Education
Ana Ana Cláudia Annegues da Silva Support for Sucupira Platform and PrInt. Post-doctorate in Applied Economics


General Coordination  of Operationalization of Graduate Activities

PhotographyNameFunctionAcademic QualificationCurriculumExtensionEmail
Duína Duína Mota de Figueiredo Porto Coordinator PhD in Legal Sciences 7560
Germana PRPG Germana Nóbrega Cavalcanti Issuing of Diplomas 7217
Anderson PRPG Anderson Junior da Costa Stolte Issuing of Diplomas Graduated in Public Management
Eliana Eliana Souza Bezerra Recognition of Diplomas. Master  in Linguistics from UFPB
Cristiane Maria Cristiane Alves da Paz Issuing of Diplomas Graduated in Administration
Thaís Thaís Rosalina de Jesus Turial Issuance of Certificates and Recognition of Diplomas Master in History


Financial Activities Division

FotografiaNomeFunctionAcademic QualificationCurriculumExtensionEmail
Débora de Oliveira Lopes Coordinator Master student in Public Policy, Management and Evaluation of Higher Education 7261
Katia DAF.jpg Katia Regina Gomes da Silva Responsible for SCDP/Hosting Degree in Language
Sara DAF.jpg Sara Priscila Revoredo de Paula Mota Material Requisition/PROAP Degree in Administration
Foto de Thales Thales Ferreira Dionísio da Silva Accounting Degree in Administration
Keisemberg Keisemberg Ribeiro Travassos PROAP Degree in Administration
Renata Renata Azevedo Costa PROAP/SCDP Graduated in Law
Fabiana PRPG Fabiana de Alcântara Bittencourt Registration, suspension and cancellation of scholarships. 7282
Jozenaldo PRPG.png Jozenaldo Gama Barreto Registration, suspension and cancellation of scholarships.