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EFOPLI opens registrations for the 2018 development meetings

The weekly EFOPLI meetings of 2018 starts on March 16th. Registration is free.
publicado: 09/03/2018 15h51, última modificação: 11/04/2018 15h00


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Registrations for the development meetings of the first semester of 2018 for teachers and students of English are open. The CCHLA / UFPB program "EFOPLI: Teaching Spaces for English Language Teachers (4th Year)" aims to follow up, for the fourth consecutive year, initiatives that focus on the linguistic, methodological, academic, personal and professional development of English-language teachers (in initial and continuous development), in a perspective of critical language teaching, aiming at strengthening this community of professionals in Paraíba and teaching English in a public school context.

The meetings are held in English and will take place on Friday mornings, from 08:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., at the Center of Humanities, Letters and Arts, Campus I of the UFPB. Both English teachers from the public school system and the private one can register, as well as undergraduate students of English in Paraíba.

To register, the teacher must fill out the form and then send a document proving that he/she is a teacher (payslip) to efopli@gmail.com.

More information about these and other initiatives can be found on EFOPLI’s Facebook.

Translated by Daniel Viana (EFOPLI grantee - Probex 2018)