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EFOPLI discusses Inclusive Education and Language Teaching

The workshops take place on April 6th and 13th with experts in the field
publicado: 11/04/2018 12h55, última modificação: 11/04/2018 15h18


The EFOPLI program, through the project "PARAÍBA CONNECTION: EMPOWERMENT OF ENGLISH-LANGUAGE TEACHERS THROUGH (INTER)NATIONAL INITIATIVES", promotes a discussion about inclusive education and language teaching. The topic was requested by teachers who attend the weekly training sessions in which topics of pedagogical, academic and professional relevance are discussed and experiences of specialists and teachers in initial and continuous development are shared.

According to the coordinator of EFOPLI, Professor Mariana Pérez, the choice of the topics by the participating teachers makes the training meetings meaningful for them.

The meetings take place on April 6th and 13th at CCHLA / UFPB. On April 6th, Professor Rosycléa Dantas (ALDEI / UFPB) discusses "Inclusion Issues and Teaching Experiences with blind students". The teacher has been a member of EFOPLI since 2015 and has always contributed with the socialization of her research and sharing of experiences in the area of Visual Impairment.

On April 13th, the workshop will encompass a discussion regarding deafness, hearing impairment and English teaching. The initiative is a partnership of EFOPLI with two programs coordinated by the Professor Edneia Alves (DLCV), whose collaborator is the student of Letras, Cleiton Willian: Oral English teaching in the written mode for the deaf and Production of didactic resources for teaching deaf students.

Before the meetings, the experts recommend texts that deal with the subjects in the section of the facebook page called  "This week's topic". The texts are also available in the section "Material" of the EFOPLI website.

Translated by Daniel Viana (EFOPLI grantee - Probex 2018)