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Academic Calendar

by AAI published Jul 04, 2016 12:06 PM, last modified May 04, 2018 09:57 AM
Important dates

Undergraduate students

For the Undergraduate Calendar (in Portuguese) for campus I (João Pessoa) and IV (Rio Tinto e Mamanguape), click here.

The Undergraduate Calendar (in Portuguese) for campus II (Areia) and III (Bananeiras), has not been published yet.

Most important dates of the 2017.1 semester:

12/07 – 2017.1 semester start.
15/09 – last day for students to cancel courses they have enrolled (considering they do not want to proceed with such courses and want them out of their transcripts).
23/11 – Semester end.
24/11 to 30/11– FINAL EXAMS - applicable to students that did not reach the 7,0 passing grade during the semester.
24/11 to 01/12 – System is open for professors to enter students' grades.

Graduate students

Graduate Programs are autonomous and may set semester start and end dates different from those of Undergraduate classes.
Students who come to UFPB for Graduate courses only must pay attention to the dates published by the Graduate program of interest.
Students interested in Graduate courses and Undergraduate courses alike must bear in mind that the academic calendars may differ, which may require a longer mobility period at UFPB.
To know more about graduate programs (in Portuguese), click here.

Date of arrival

International students are advised to arrive at João Pessoa at least one week before classes start. The letter of acceptance issued by our International Office usually spans a few days before classes start and a few days after the semester end.